An APP for THAT - ISTE 2011

Resources from a Panel Session at ISTE 2011

  • Yvonne Andres
  • Hall Davidson
  • Steve Dembo
  • Wesley Fryer
  • Carol Telteiman
  • David Warlick
Moderator: Gail Lovely

Video on Demand of this Session is here:


Apps Shared by the Panel:

Your curriculum says "The students will explore the structure of the leaf." This requires a microscope, but your last microscope bit the dust last year... your students need to see this with their own eyes, is there an app for that?

Superglue+cheap cell case+$5 microscope from Amazon 

All the details from Hall in a pdf:


You are teaching elementary math and feeling some students are challenged. You have heard teaching is a good way to learn. If only students could create short tutorials and share these with others... is there an app for that?

The world is a BIG place... sometimes it take a lot of pictures to capture the entire scene... I need an app for putting my 14 pictures of Philadelphia City Hall together into one image... is there an app for that? 

In your elementary class you have some students who really need to express themselves through music, art and singing... you need a simple easy way to harness their energy and have them explore this creative outlet. Is there an app for that?

Singing Fingers


You are so excited about the possibilities of interactive video conferencing...BUT you have a specific video conferencing system and the scientist you want to conference with only has a webcam in his cave... how can two "unconnectable" systems communicate with each other? Is there an app for that? 

You're taking your HS students to a HUGE museum to work on their group research projects... you know that they need to divide and conquer in order to glean as much information for their work as possible. They need an app which will let them share information as they discover it, ask questions of each other and pool information and resources for later... Is there an app for that?

You are on the road with your traveling high school tennis team, returning from matches in a neighboring district. Your players are excited to share a story about the matches and you want their peers and parents to learn about it as soon as possible....and be able to add their own comments... you open your iPad and.... is there an app for that?

You have students who need a little help with a popular website. They struggle with finding features or finding the specific part of the website they are to use... how can you share this website with them in some sort of visual way so they can SEE where to click and understand the site better? Oh, did I mention that you only have your iPad available? Is there an app for that? 

A great field trip. Your mobile device's digital camera is almost bursting with fabulous images. You need a way to create a SAFE place for students and parents and School Board Members to see the action... but you don't want to give up your weekend or send them to some site where others also store images... you want safe, focused access... for free! Is there an app for that?

You have wandered off the beaten path and are in an unknown area and suddenly you notice all the signs are in another language... you don't have anyone in your group who reads this language... how will you translate the signs as you drive down the road, hopefully on the correct side of the road, you need something quick and accurate... is there an app for that?

Your students are reluctant writers... your curriculum says to focus on story structure and tone. They (and you) are a bit bored with your tried-and-true methods. You need something to brighten their eyes and renew their effort and interest in this important curriculum... is there an app for that?

"Everyone" says students need to publish... I have ELL learners who need opportunities to publish to multiple platforms. They need multimedia and lots and lots of text and images to support their growing vocabularies... is there an app for that?

Your students are working hard to gain fluency in reading and improved writing skills. How can you capture their writing in their own voices and make them available for reflection or as a part of a portfolio? Is there an app for that?



 You are gathering great resources for your students but now you need to put them all together in one place, but theme, curriculum topic, or purpose... who has time to create a website? Maybe there is a better way to make an advertising-free multimedia flash website... is there an app for that?

Creating personalized fonts...


from iTunes (currently 6.99)


Make a Free Website with Yola.